Adsense Approval Trick 2018 – Are you a new blogger and want to get an Adsense Approved Account? and if yes then You have come to right

place. Here You will get The Complete Adsense approval Guide that helps you out in getting your Google Adsense

application approved.And if you had applied previously but not able to get Adsense approved account then here you will learn how to get Adsense approval fast. You will also get my personal Adsense approval trick that will help you to get Adsense approved account in 2days.

So Let’s find out How to get Google Adsense approval in 2018.


Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2018

Do you know Adsense moderators only approved those blogs who fulfil their requirements? If you don’t know, Don’t worry here I will tell you those important things you have to consider to fulfil Adsense requirement.

So let’s know those important facts that decide whether your account will be approved or not and they are –

High-Quality Content

Before applying for Adsense Account, You must have the 7-8 Quality blog post. Meaning of High-Quality Content here, is the originality of Content, uniqueness of the content, and should not be taken from anywhere.

So it is advisable that you write original and unique content, which is at least 300 words and try to write long content as possible.

Good Blog Design and Structure

Always use or create a good looking blog design that has a nice structure. Always think if the visitors will like the structure or not. If your visitor will not like your blog, then Adsense will also not like your blog and they will not approve your account.
Blog Design is the first impression of any blog, so make sure your blog has a good looking design. I advise you to use a very clean and smooth theme design for your site. And also use a proper navigation menu that helps the visitor to navigate easily on your blog. Some of the users also got rejected because of Difficult Site Navigation. So Always Make a clean, Good Looking and fast loading blog design.

Make Blog SEO Friendly

Not only create a Good-looking blog design but also make your blog SEO friendly. And make all your content SEO friendly.

Writing a Great content is not gone help you while a good content which is SEO friendly will definitely help you. Because A good content (which is SEO friendly) have more potential to rank in the search engine in comparison to great content(which is not SEO friendly). So always write a well SEO-optimized content.
If your Blog is SEO friendly then it will definitely help in your Adsense application.

Create Privacy, Disclaimer, Contact and About Pages

Always Create Privacy, Contact and About Pages before applying for Adsense. Although having these pages doesn’t impact much, but it puts a good value to your blog, and eventually the chances of getting your account approved increases.

Don’t Show any Other Ads

Don’t use any other Ads on your blog while applying for Adsense. If you are using any other Ads on your blog remove it and then apply for Adsense.

If you have successfully followed above points then you will definitely able to get approve Adsense account without any problem.I tried my best to write down my latest experience on getting an Adsense application approved, and tried to cover almost all the area.
I know that There are too many doubts and confusion regarding the what to do and what not to do. Here you get all answers to your doubts –

Common Myths About Adsense

There are too much hype and myths about Adsense Application. And new blogger got confused and thinks its so difficult to make approve Adsense account. So Let’s know about these fake rumours and understand what’s Actually Adsense consider while approving an Adsense Application.

Requires High Traffic

This is really a fake rumour. Adsense does not consider High traffic to approve Adsense account. They approve your application depending on your Blog Quality. That’s why I have mentioned above what should you do before applying for Adsense. But for generating revenue, you must have enough visitors. If you don’t have good traffic then it hard to generate good revenue.

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Don’t use .in domain

When I was new in blogging then I had read on many blogs that don’t use a .in domain for applying for Adsense. But this is not true. You can use any domain name extension. When I was new I got confused because there is no reason behind Why should not I use .in domains? But I was new and I thought if they are saying maybe it is true.

But you have not to worry about this, Adsense accepts almost every type of extension such as .com, .in, .org, .net and others.

Don’t Re-submit the Adsense Application For 6 months

Many people will suggest you don’t re-submit the Adsense application for a specific period of time. Well, there is nothing like that, If your Adsense application is rejected because of “difficult site navigation”. then you can make the appropriate changes and re-submit your application on the next day. If your Adsense Application is rejected because of some critical issue such as “Site does not comply with Google Policies”. Then you should wait and check your site and make appropriate changes carefully before applying for Adsense.

I hope you got all answers to your doubts. And still, if you have any doubts then you can ask in the comment. I will try my best to help you.

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Easy Adsense Approval Trick

Sorry, This is an old Adsense Approval trick and it will not work in 2018 because of New Policy of YouTube Monetization.

In This Method, I will tell you how can you easily get an Adsense application approved. By following above aspect what should you consider before applying for Adsense application? you can make your Adsense application approved. But if you still find it difficult then this Adsense approval trick might help you. Let’s know how can you easily get Adsense application approved –

  • First, Go To YouTube.
  • And Sign in with your Gmail account that you never used for applying Adsense.
  • Now upload any video that made by you. Don’t upload other’s video or download from anywhere.
  • After uploading, Go to enable Monetization.
  • And apply for monetization, it will redirect you to Adsense.
  • A form will appear where you have to enter your all details.
  • You will be able to easily create Hosted Adsense Account.
  • Now, After 24 Hours, Apply for a non-hosted account.
  • And you will find your Adsense application for a non-hosted account is easily accepted.

I hope you got your Adsense approval trick. Follow above steps and you will get your Adsense application approved easily.