Have you ever try to buy udemy course in India and you were unable to buy it? Because of you don’t have a credit card. And many Debit cards do not support International payment (If you are trying through PayPal).
So Now the Question is – is it possible to buy udemy course without credit card and PayPal?
Yes, You can buy it without credit card and PayPal.
If you are in India and want to buy course on udemy using Paytm. Then here I will tell you How You can buy Udemy course with Paytm in India. Stay with me and you will know how to pay for udemy course using Paytm.

How To Buy Udemy Course in India Without Credit Card and PayPal

First thing I will tell that there are many blogs which will tell you about to buy courses on udemy or any other international payment through Virtual Card. But virtual card provides take big commission from us. And I know that you also not feel secure on that website which provides virtual cards. There are few websites which provide virtual visa credit card by which you can buy coursed from udemy. And one of them which I fell secure is Entropay.

The other option of the transaction is PayPal on udemy. Paypal is also safe and secure but the problem occurs when we add our debit card and initiate the transaction through it. The transaction gets declined or not complete because many of Debit card does not support international payment ( especially if you have SBI, PNB or any other bank debit card except Axis, ICICI, HDFC ).

So now the question is then how we can buy udemy course if we don’t have credit card or debit card which has not the feature of international payment?
The answer is by Google Play. Yes, you are reading right you can buy udemy course through Google Play.

I know that you are thinking that Title of this post is How to buy udemy course using Paytm. And here I am telling you through Google Play. Actually, Paytm is used for recharging Google Play.
Basically, In this tutorial, we use Udemy android app to buy course through Google Play.

I know this is a little bit confusing but Don’t worry just follow below steps and then you will clearly understand how to buy the course on udemy using Google Play.

Now Let’s First learn How To recharge Google Play by Paytm.

Recharge Google Play by Paytm

  • First Open Paytm and select Google Play by swiping under Recharge Section.
  • Now Enter the amount of recharge ( always enter +10 rs of course’s price )
  • Now tap on proceed to pay.
  • Then it will redirect you to the payment page where you can pay by your debit card.
  • After Successful recharge, you will see a confirmation message.
  • And after successful recharge, you will get a text message from Paytm with Coupon Code of Google play.

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Buy Udemy course in India Using Paytm

  • First Download Udemy Android App on your Phone.
  • After that open Udemy app and sign in.
  • Now Select the Course You want to purchase.
  • Now tap on Buy Option.
  • After that Google play will open up in pop up. And you will see Price of Course.
  • Then Click on continue to buy the course.

  • Next, you will see few option like below image. Now you have to select Redeem Code.
  • next you will see a box where you have to put Coupon Code which you got from Paytm.
  • After putting Coupon Code just click on Redeem and that’s it you will successfully get money in Google Play.
  • After Redeeming Money in Google Play, Just Click Next (Buy) to complete purchasing of udemy course.

So this is on How to buy Udemy Course in India through Paytm. I hope you like this and its help you to buy your favourite course from Udemy in India without credit card and Paypal. If you like this article please share it with your friends.