Hey, Friends, I come with a new Article ‘ How To Get Free SSL Certificate ‘. Many of You know Google is now giving the slight edge in SERP to blogs who have SSL certificate means HTTPS have the slight edge over HTTP. So now every blog owner is getting SSL certificate but if you are the new blogger then you definitely want a Free SSL Certificate. That’s why I have come with this Post about How To Get Free SSL Certificate. So Follow this Post and Follow Given Steps to Get Your Free SSL Certificate and by Getting Free HTTPS give your blog a slight edge over blog who have not Get Free SSL Certificate for their blog.

Before Explaining How To Get Free SSL Certificate let me first give answer to some frequent search query on Google about SSL.

There are few frequent Question search on Google about SSL and those are:

  1.  What is SSL certificate?
  2.  Why Should you Get Free SSL certificate?
  3.  What you do after migrating HTTP to HTTPS?


What is SSL certificate?

SSL Stands For Secure Socket Layer.SSL is the standard security technology to ensure a safe connection between the user’s browser and web server.Most of the time we need to shop online products, fill online forms, online transaction and many other places where we need to send our data to the web server. To make our data transfer safely, we need a secure connection and that is SSL.
This was mandatory for E-commerce site but now Google is giving slight edge in SERP to Blog who have SSL certificate that’s why we need SSL Certificate.

Why Should you Get Free SSL certificate?

Since it provide protection of user’s data from hacker so this is very important to get SSL certificate for E-commerce site but this is not as important for Informative Blog. But Due to Google is giving a slight edge to Blog who have SSL certificate or HTTPS That means Better ranking in Search Engine.If you have SSL Certificate then still you need good content to get better ranking in SERP because Content is Real King.

What you do after migrating HTTP to HTTPS?

If you have SSL cerificate and still you are confused what to do next? then don’t worry after getting Free SSL Certificate you have to just tell Google and other search engines crawl that you have migrated your blog to https. You can do by resubmitting your blog in HTTPS version to Google Webmaster Tool and before submitting update your sitemap link in blog robot.txt with HTTPS.

After Knowing the answer of Frequent question you need to Get your Free SSL Certificate.

How To Get Free SSL Certificate For WordPress?

There are many websites which are providing Free SSL Certificate and if You are Confused which one to choose and How to Get Free SSL certificate from that websites then here i will tell you step by step. First is which one to Choose?

Which one to choose to Get Free SSL Certificate?
There are many website on Internet which are providing Free SSL Certificate but you have to Choose one from Below:

Because these are top and reliable and secure and absolutel free for 3month. I am using Let’s Encrypt. But You should use Commodo SSL because it is easy to setup.

Steps to Follow to Get Free SSL from Commodo SSL?

  • First Open this Link – Commodo Free SSL
  • When Page is Open It will Like Below Page.
    Free SSL Certificate
  • After that Click on Free SSL shown in above image.
  • After that a page will open which is shown in below image.
    free ssl certificate - 2
  • Now you can see that in above image that you have to Generate CSR and paster their.

For Generating CSR you have to login in your Hosting Provider. I have provided an example of generating CSR from Godaddy Hosting. So I think there is the same process in all hosting provider. So If you are Godaddy user then follow below step to generate CSR.

  1. First Open a new tab in browser and Login in to Linux Cpanel.
  2. Then Scroll below and Goto Security>>SSL/TLS.

3. Open SSL/TLS and you will see a page which is shown below.

4. Open Certificate Signing Requests (CSR).

5. Fill all detail such as Select domain and fill city, state and Country.

6. After Filling all details click on Generate and CSR will Generated.


Now go to again Commodo SSL website which you had already open in other tab.

  • Now Paste the Generated CSR From your Hosting Provider.
  • And select the server software and if you don’t know then Choose Other.
  • After that click on next and copy your SSL Certificate. you will also get a copy of your SSL certificate in your mail.

Now you have to install this certificate on your hosting provider.

Steps To Install SSL Certificate on Your Hosting Provider:

  • Go to Security>>SSL/TLS
  • Find ‘Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)’ and open it.
  • And paste the copied SSL Certificate.
  • That’s it now Tell google and other Search enginge.
  • Now Change the wordpress address from http to https.

Note: If you are facing any issue after setup and your wordpress blog is not redirected correctly to HTTPS then use this plugin for wordpress : – Really Simple SSL

This is How you can Get Free SSL Certificate and Setup it on WordPress blog. I hope you get it How to get SSL certificate in free. So please share this post if you like this and comment below if you are facing any error installing ssl certificate on your blog.