Are you small YouTuber and affected by new YouTube Monetization Policy? Then this post is for you. Here I will tell you how can you get sponsorship for small YouTube channel? Actually, YouTube new 10K views policy make difficult for new Youtubers to earn money from their hard work.

So if you are one of then who want Youtube Sponsorship to boost your work and passion by small money. Then here I will tell about some companies that sponsor small YouTube channel. And of course, they don’t demand huge subscribers.
One Day I was searching for Youtube Sponsorship and found that too many users have searched – How to get YouTube Sponsorship for small channel and also searched YouTube Sponsorship for gaming channel.
After that, I research about this and get back with this YouTube Sponsors List. Then Let’s Start this topic in detail and learn How can you get sponsor for your YouTube Videos

Where To Get Sponsorship For Small YouTube Channel?

There are many of the YouTube Sponsorship Platforms which provide Sponsor for your Channel. These platforms provide interaction between Creator and Brand(Sponsor). I have listed below some of the websites which are best for getting YouTube Sponsorship for small channel.

[note] [/note]

Famebit is one of the best platform for a creator to look for Sponsor.You can get sponsorship for small YouTube channel here.Famebit charges 10% what you earn from it. You can get payment through PayPal or check. You can click here to Famebit. Before Clicking know the requirements of Famebit.

How Many Subscribers you need to apply For Famebit?

Ans:- 5000 Subscribers.

[note] GrapeVine[/note]

Grapevine is also the best platform where you can get sponsorship. It also like Fame bit who is just medium for brand/agencies to meet creators. And it only pays through PayPal. But its requirement is higher than Famebit. And it’s not easy to get approval for your YouTube channel because of their terms and conditions. But it’s not too difficult.

How Many Subscribers you need to apply for Grapevine?

Ans:-  10,000 Subscribers.

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[note] Reelio [/note]

It’s also a great platform to get sponsorship for small YouTube channel from Premium Brands. Reelio provides sponsor for all type of YouTube Channel including Gaming channels. And it’s requirement not high. So you can easily get approval. After approval, you can easily Meet sponsor. You can click here to visit Reelio.

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What to do Before applying For Sponsorship For Small YouTube Channel?

Before applying for sponsorship for your YouTube channel, You should create some good content (Video). And also earn the confidence of your viewers. You should also try to rank for a Keyword in your niche. Nothing secret you have to do. You just have to create a good informative Video.
Before you go to apply, I suggest you to do this thing –

[note] Make Quality & Informative Video Content[/note]

Before applying for sponsorship, you must create some valuable content which is good enough to grab’s viewer attention. If you have Quality content, then you don’t need to worry about anything. Remember one thing you can’t get sponsorship for your small Youtube Channel if you don’t have Quality Content. Because when you will apply for Sponsorship then sponsor will check whether your channel has potential to promote their product or not. So Before Applying for Sponsorship, create some quality content and don’t copy anyone. YES, you can take the idea from other videos and make more research to make that content more informative but don’t copy.

[note]Grab Viewer Attention[/note]

If your channel has quality and informative content then easily you can grab Viewer attention. And easily you build your fanbase. You have few seconds to impress the viewer and if you can then they will subscribe you and also like your Videos. This will also help you to rank for a keyword.We will talk more about YouTube SEO in my next article. Here Let’s talk what’s the important factor for getting sponsorship and grabbing viewer attention fulfill this. If you grab any viewer attention its possible he/she will subscribe. That means you can get Subscriber if you grab their attention and provide them informative content.

[note]Create Enough Videos Content[/note]

First Create Enough Content for your channel then apply for sponsorship.Because if you have don’t enough content then Sponsor will not take interest to sponsor your YouTube Channel. It does not only help you to get sponsorship but you also get some Subscriber if you have enough content. Because if anyone like your videos then they will look into the channel for more Videos like that. And if they did not find then they will not subscribe you. So Create Enough Quality Content to successfully get sponsorship for small YouTube channel.

[note]Follow YouTube Guidelines[/note]

Always follow YouTube guideline. Never use copyright material in your Videos. Don’t create the video which abuses the standards of youTube.

That’s enough. If you fulfill these above requirements then you will easily get sponsorship for small YouTube channel.