You are not earning much because of low Adsense CPC. Do you Want to Know How can you Increase ADSENSE CPC? If yes, then here in this tutorial I am going to tell you Possible ways to Increase ADSENSE CPC.

Adsense is the primary revenue source for the new blogger.If your earnings also totally depend on Adsense and you are not satisfied with your AdSense Earnings.

So Here You will get 5 simple tweaks by which you can not only Boost AdSense Revenue but also you can increase AdSense CPC.

If you are the owner of a new blog, you can’t ignore the possible ways to Boost AdSense Revenue.

Basically, When we talk about Adsense optimization, the main target is to get high eCPM and get high cost per click. So in this article, we will discuss some basic tweaks to increase AdSense CPC.

How To Increase Adsense CPC:

There are many factors that decide AdSense CPC and here we will discuss all possible tweaks to increase it.

In this post, I will tell 5 Ultimate tweaks to Boost Adsense revenue with minimum Traffic. Read Carefully all 5 factors by which you can optimize Adsense revenue.

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[note]Tweaks That can Increase Adsense CPC[/note]

Block Low Paying Adsense Ads

By Blocking Low Paying AdSense Ads you can increase Adsense CPC. So Now Let’s understand How we can block low paying ads to boost AdSense earning.

For Blocking Low Paying Adsense Ads, first, we have to find that AdSense ads which have low AdSense CPC.

[note]How To Find Low Paying Adsense Ads[/note]
  • First Open Google Adsense Sandbox Tool.
  • Now Enter Your Blog Address to view all current ads and note down publisher URL (Which is written below the ads).
  • Now Open iSpionage and paste the advertiser URL and click on Search.
  • Navigate to PPC Section to check out Cost Per Click.
  • Using this steps, get details for all ads.
  • Now note down all low paying ads.

After Collecting all low paying advertiser URL. Now you need to block these advertisers because they are paying less amount.

[note] How To Block Low Paying AdSense Ads [/note]
  • Open AdSense.
  • Navigate to Allow & Block Ads.
  • You will See a blank box in Advertiser URLs section.
  • Now Paste all low paying ads advertiser URLs in that box.
  • then Click on Block URLs to block low paying ads.

That’s it. You have Successfully block low Paying Adsense Ads.

[note]Use High Paying Adsense Keywords[/note]

High Paying Adsense Keyword is the keyword that has High CPC for which Advertiser(Adwords) are bidding for. Having high paying keyword means more AdSense earning per click.

Finding High Paying keyword is not a tough Job, but it’s not enough to increase ADSENSE cpc. The tough job is to get traffic for that high paying keyword from the search engine. I am saying this is tough Job because they are such keyword for that many blogs want to rank. And its not as easy to you rank for low competitive keyword.

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Use Both Image and Link Ads

Always use both image and link ads. I found one of the rumours about Adsense is that image ads generate more revenue.But it is totally wrong. I found one of my blogs, link ads work better than image ads.

By using single ad type, you will decrease the competition between your post, this decrease the CPM of Ads. That’s why always use all ad types. Don’t use one Ad Type.

Get More Traffic From Search Engine

If you like to boost Adsense earnings, you need more traffic from search engine.  With social sites traffic or Direct Traffic, you will not be able to boost Adsense revenue.

Always try to target traffic from countries like USA and UK because these countries offer high CPC.

Ads Placement

Always place ads in the post.Don’t add Ads in sidebars. Adding Ads in the sidebar is not a good choice. Ads between post get more click than ads place in Sidebars. That’s why always add Ads between post.


Increase adsense cpc

Final Words

That’s all about to increasing AdSense cpc.

Bookmark this page, because in future I will Update this article with more possible ways to Increase Adsense Earnings.

If you have tweaks which work to increase Adsense earnings for you then Please share with us.