Jio Phone Booking Started in Digital Store

Hi Friends, If you are one of them who are looking to Buy Jio Phone.Then a Good news for you. I found that Jio Phone Booking Started in Reliance Digital Store.

Jio Phone Booking officially open on August 24 but I found that many Digital stores in my area started booking for Jio Phone.

I know whole India want to Buy Jio Phone. So from 24th August, their will be too much rush for Jio Phone Booking. So I recommend that book Jio Phone now.

If you want to avoid rush then visit your nearest Reliance Digital Store and ask them Is Jio Phone Booking Started?
If in your are Booking of Jio phone has started then you just need Aadhar card to book Jio phone.

Let’s know more Details and Truth about Jio Phone Booking Started or not

Jio Phone Booking Started?

Yes, you are reading right Jio Phone booking has started in many digital stores. and it’s also true that the Official booking will start from 24th August 2017.But many stores started Jio Phone booking.

I am from Up east and at my home Gorakhpur, all Reliance digital Store are started booking of Jio Phone and also check in Lucknow and find that Jio Phone Booking has Started.
I Read a news on NDTV Gadget that many Offline retailers in DELHI-NCR have also started booking of Jio Phone.

Yesterday, One of my friends call me and tell me that Jio Phone Booking has started. After that, I went to Store and ask Digital store Employee is Jio Phone Booking Start? He replied Yes Booking started. And After that, I ask too many questions about What document we need and What is the price of Jio Phone and When we will get the Jio Phone. He simply replied all my question.

Below I have listed some details regarding what you required for booking of Jio Phone and the price of Jio Phone and How to book Jio Phone Now.

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What Document You Need for Booking Jio Phone?

You Need Aadhar card to pre-book Jio Phone. Just carry your Aadhar card and go to your nearest digital store and tell them you want book Jio Phone.They will ask for your Aadhar no. and also make some formalities required for Jio phone booking.

How Many Unit can you Buy?

you can get only one unit per Aadhaar number. You can not buy more than One unit.Because when you apply for Jio Phone with Aadhar then your details will be uploaded into centralised software that will assign you a token number, which you need to mention while getting delivery of Jio phone.

Jio Phone Price?

You already Know Jio Phone price is Rs. 1500 which is refundable. You have to only Pay Rs. 1500 while picking your phone. And After 36 months you can get your Rs. 1500.This amount can be reclaimed after 36 months of using the Jio Phone if you want the refund.

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Do You Have to Pay while Booking Jio Phone?

No, You don’t have to pay while Pre-booking of Jio Phone. You just have to give your Aadhar no. and nothing else. You have to pay the price of Jio Phone while getting delivery of Phone.

Jio Phone Delivery Date ( How much time?)

If you book Jio Phone Now then you will get the delivery between 1 September to 7th September(Most probably in the first week of September). This delivery date is expected to increases as the number of bookings increases over the coming week. So it is best to book Jio Phone. If you want to avoid rush then book your Jio phone now.


So This is on Jio Phone Booking Started. it’s still unclear whether booking of Jio Phone started at all stores. But You should check at your nearest store and if you can comment your location with the status of Jio phone booking then it will help other readers.

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