Jio Summer Surprise,Jio Dhana Dhan Offer Ends in July,So What's next and What to Do?

Jio Summer Surprise and Jio Dhana Dhan offer is going to ends in July and its lead to many questions and Confusion. Basically all of you started thinking So What’s next and what to do after ending of Jio Summer Surprise and Jio Dhana Dhan Offer? So I come with answer of all this confusions regarding Jio Summer Surprise and Jio Dhana Dhan Offer.

This article is basically covering these points

  • Jio Summer Surprise Ends in Early July. So What’s to do after ending of this offer?
  • Jio Dhana Dhan Offer will expire in Last July or in Early August. What’s next for non-prime Jio User.
  • The plans Which User have to use after Ending of Jio Summer Surprise and Jio Dhana Dhan Offer.

So Let’s Start With Jio Summer Surprise Offer.

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise Offer

We all know that the Jio Summer Surprise offer provided us 90days of Free Services and the Rs. 303/ Rs. 499. Once the 90-day period is over, the Rs. 303/ Rs. 499 recharge kicks in, meaning you will get another 28 days of service without paying anything. Now this offer is going to expire in early July. So you all Jio Prime user want to know

Que: – What to do now after ending of summer surprise offer?

Ans: –  After Ending of Jio Summer Surprise offer you have to Recharge with Rs. 309 to get free services like Before.

Que:- Rs.309 or Rs.303?

Ans: Rs. 309, You need to Buy Rs. 309 plan to continue access of Free Services.

Que: – What is the Validity of Rs. 309 plan?

Ans:- 28 Days. Yes the Validity of this plan is 28 Days and you will also get like before 1GB daily 4G data.

Que: Is there any other plan?

Ans: Yes, There are few more plans.

That’s What all Jio Prime Users can do After Ends of Jio Summer Surprise offer. If you have any other question regarding this please comment below and let me answer your confusion regarding this.So Now What about Jio Dhana Dhan Offer. Lets Discuss on What to Do After expiry of Jio Dhana Dhan-

Jio Dhana Dhan Offer

The Jio Users Who had used Jio Dhana Dhan Offer and are not  prime user.Jio Dhana Dhan offer provided us 90days free services on Recharge of Rs. 309 and Rs. 509. So What’s after Ends of Jio Dhana Dhan Offer? The answer is same as Jio Summer Surprise you need to buy Rs. 309 plan to continue free services. In Jio Dhana Dhan offer You have to Recharge after ends of your complimentary service. That means if your Jio Dhana Dhan offer ends on 19 July then you have to recharge on 20 July.

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If You are Unsure about when your Jio Free Services end then you can check it by MYJIO app and also . Follow Below Steps to check your validity of Jio Offer:

Check Reliance Jio plan, validity, and balance on MyJio app:

  • Open The MyJio app and Sign in with Sim.
  • Open menu by swapping from left to right.
  • Tap on My Plan option.
  • You will see your validity of active offer and when your Jio Prime Membership end if you are Jio Prime Member.

How To Check Jio Plans, Validity and Balance on Jio Website:

  • Open the
  • Click on Sign in option on top-right.
  • Now log in using OTP.
  • After Login, you will see your balance at top.
  • You can check your validity of plans by clicking on My Plans.
  • That’s it you will see the Validity of active offer at the bottom.

That’s what you can do when your Jio Summer Surprise and Jio Dhana Dhan Offer Ends. I will Suggest you don’t Recharge before Expiry of Your Offer because who know Jio may be come with any other offer like before. So Wait Till when your Jio Offer Expire then Recharge it. I will Update this article if any official news come regarding plans after Jio Dhana Dhan and Jio Summer Surprise. So Make a Bookmark of this Page and check it regularly. There are more cool stuff on this blog please check it out and share with your friend.

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