We Spent Lots of time on chatting and liking others photos on Facebook or any other social networking website. But Ever you thought you can use this precious time to making money from facebook. If Yes, then here I will help you to Make Money From Facebook.

Now Generally people think How can I earn money from Facebook? So If you don’t know then let me tell you there are many ways to make money from facebook. You Just need a Facebook Account and some smart moves to earn money on Facebook.

Guide To Make Money Online From Facebook

Everyone wants to earn money. It does not matter where it comes from Offline or Online. And if it comes from Facebook, what can be better than this. Because We Indians Spend too much time on Facebook and if we can utilize this time and earn some money from Facebook. This will be great for us because we are habitual of using Facebook.

So in this article, we will talk about How can we Make Money From Facebook? Basically, there are many ways to earn money on facebook but here I will explain some major ways by which you can earn good amount of Money from Facebook.

Want to Know How Many Peoples Making Money From Facebook? Then Let’s Start

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How Can You Make Money From Facebook Account?

As above I already mentioned there are many ways to earn money from Facebook. But Here I have come best way to earn money on Facebook. You don’t have to do many things to earn money from facebook. And also you do not require any technical knowledge to do this.

You Just have to follow some simple steps to make money from Facebook.Below I have mentioned that ways by which you can make huge money online if you do it smartly. So If You are Ready then Let’s Start to Make Money From Facebook.

Affiliate Marketing

The first method to earn money is Affiliate Marketing. You can make huge money through the Affiliate link. If you will search the Top Online way to earn money then you will find affiliate marketing at Top. Because it gives you Huge commission and there is large no. of option available for Affiliate marketing. So Now question How we can make money through Affiliate Marketing on Facebook?

you just have to create an account on affiliate marketing sites and promote their products to on your facebook page. Now a question comes to in your mind which affiliate marketing have to choose. So Don’t worry below I have listed some of best and top Affiliate market option and how you can earn money from them.

So Don’t worry below I have listed some of best and top Affiliate market option and how you can earn money from them.

Just Sign up for and start promoting any product from their Amazon and Flipkart. And whenever anyone buys that product from your affiliate link you will get a HUGE commission.

For Max revenue always promote max discounted product on your Facebook Page. That’s how you can make money from Amazon and Flipkart.

Now There are also many other affiliate option is available. You can search on google and you will find huge no. of affiliate option.

URL Shortner

By Shortening URL you can also earn decent money but not huge money like affiliate marketing. Suppose whenever you select a product to promote on your Facebook page then short that product URL using any below URL shortener. Whenever anyone opens that link you will earn money. So If someone does not buy the product that you are promoting then don’t worry you will get money because of URL shorteners.

These are some Top URL Shorteners which pay good amount of money –

  1. Shorte.st
  2. Ouo.io
  3. LinkShrink.net

Above are few URL shorteners by which you can earn money. you can maximize revenue by shortening two times. That means first short original URL with Shorte.st and then short that URL with Ouo.io.

Sell Your Facebook Page

If you good amount of like on your Facebook Page then You can also sell your page to earn money. But It is not a good choice because if you sell your page you can only earn one time. But if you do Affiliate marketing with URL shorteners you can earn continuously money from facebook.

If you Still want to sell your Page then below are some Website Where you can Sell your Facebook Page.

  1. FanPageCash.org
  2. Viral Accounts.com
  3. Fameswap.com

Make a Blog and monetize it

If you have a good amount of like on your facebook page then you should make a blog to earn money. And post that content in BLOG which you post on your facebook page. And give the link to that post on your facebook page.

By this, Your reader will read content on your Blog. Now you can monetize your blog and also earn money from the blog.There are many options available for monetizing the blog. Few of them are Adsense, Media.net, Affiliate marketing, Infolinks and much more.

Final Words
So That is how you can make money from the Facebook account. If you ask me which is the best option to earn money on Facebook then the answer is Affiliate Marketing. So Try above way to make money on Facebook and tell me which method you like to earn money on Facebook. I hope you like this post and if you really like then please share it with your friends.