Hey, Friends Today I have come with again a very interesting Tips – How To Play PlayStation Game on Android. If you love playing the game on PlayStation then you should try this tutorial to play PlayStation game on Android. Because you can’t take PlayStation everywhere but you can take your phone everywhere. So First Thing for playing PlayStation game on Android you need an emulator who provides control and gameplay for PlayStation game. I have discussed below which emulator app you have to used to play PlayStation game on Android. So Read Carefully to learn How you can play PlayStation game on Android.

How To Play PlayStation Game on Android

For playing PlayStation Game on Android, first, you need an Android app whose name is ePSXe for Android. I have provided download link below so don’t worry about from where to download this app. By using the ePSXe you can play Mortal Kombat 4, Street of Rage 2, Tekken 3 and many other PlayStation game. ePSXe is not like other emulators, it is very good its provide very good speed and very Good Graphics and powerful control. You just need to download the ePSxe and PlayStation game which are transformed for Android.And open it in Emulator and start playing.

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Steps To Follow To Play PlayStation Game on Android:

  • First Download ePSxe on your Android phone
  • Then install it.
  • Now download any PlayStation game which is transformed into Android
  • Now open downloaded game through the ePSxe emulator and that’s it.
  • Enjoy playing PlayStation Game on Android.


I hope you understand how to play PlayStation game on Android.I have tried to keep it simple.If you have still any doubts then please ask below on comment and I will try to help you. That’s it on this article how to play PlayStation game on Mobile Phone. Please Share it with Your Friend.