Sep 1, 2018

How To Remove “Activate Windows” Watermark

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Are You Tired with “activate windows” watermark on your Laptop Screen that would not go away unless you buy the Activation Key and buying Activation Key cost you about $100

There is another option to remove this watermark by using Malware Affected Activator Such as KMS Activator and Other. And I know many of you would not like to use Activators because Your Antivirus says – it contains Virus.

So, Is there any other way to remove this Activate Windows Watermark from Screen?

Yes, There is another way by which you can remove the Activate Windows Watermark without using Activator or Buying Activation Key.

So Let’s Find out-

How To Remove Activate Windows Watermark

Basically, In this Tutorial, We will remove activate windows by using the registry editor. You don’t need any technical knowledge to remove the watermark.

You just have to follow this Instruction to remove watermark –

Steps to Follow to Remove Activate Windows

  • Press Windows + R key to open Run
  • Now type regedit.exe and hit ENTERremove activate windows watermark
  • After that, Registry Editor will be open
  • Now Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEremove activate windows watermark
  • After That Expand Softwareremove activate windows watermark
  • Now Find Microsoft and expand it. And in Microsoft Look For Windows NTremove activate windows watermark
  • In Windows NT, Find Software Protection Platform and Click on Activationremove activate windows watermark
  • Now Right-click on Manual and modify the Value To 1
  • Also, Do the same thing For Notification Disabled Optionremove activate windows watermark
  • After that, Just Restart Your System.
  • And you will see watermark disappear.

If you Find difficulty to follow steps then watch the Video.

And if you are not able to remove the Activate Windows Watermark by above method then use this method.

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Remove Activate Windows Watermark By KMS Activator (No Virus)

By Activating Windows through KMS Activator you can easily remove Watermark of Activate Windows.

1. Download KMSAuto Portable Version

This is Virus Free KMS Activator. If you Don’t Believe then Just Download it and scan the file with your anti-virus to be sure. I am 100% though it is clean.

2. Unzip file and open up KMSAuto Net.exe

Unzip file and open up KMSAuto Net.exe

3. Click on the activation button and you will see 2 options

  • Activate Windows
  • and Activate Office

4. Click Activate Windows and wait for the process to finish

That’s it. Product successfully activated! On this step, you should see the watermark to disappear.

That is how you can remove activate windows watermark from the screen. I hope you get it how to do this and if you didn’t get this then watch the video.

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