The Complete Guide to Track Lost Mobile with IMEI Number. Basically, In this article, you will learn and you will be able to track your lost mobile by IMEI no.

I am not gonna tell you to trick like Mobile No. Tracking by Truecaller or anything just only gives the location of State. I will tell a trick that can easily track the exact location of Lost Mobile with IMEI Number.

So Without waiting More Let’s know the trick and requirement behind tracking lost Mobile with IMEI number.

Track Lost Mobile with IMEI Number

Actually, In This Article, We use Total Mobile Security app to search lost mobile using IMEI. Total Mobile Security is a Security Software that can easily track your Mobile Number and you can delete your personal data remotely. Also, You can Disable Your Lost Mobile Phone Permanently.

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How To Track Lost Mobile with IMEI Number

I have already told that we will use Total Mobile Security to Track the phone. Nowadays people are very smart and if they will found any Lost Mobile then they will first remove the sim cards and did not turn on the device for few days.And Some people can misuse your private data. That’s why here I come with a Solution that can permanently disable your phone and can also delete your Private Data. If you can’t get back your phone then it’s good to the disbale phone.

Before we Know How we can track Lost mobile with IMEI by using Total Mobile Security. Let’s take a look at the feature and Advantage of Total Mobile Security.

[note]Features of Total Mobile Security[/note]
  • Locate Mobile Phone.
  • You can Disable Your Phone.
  • Recover/Delete all files such as contact list, app list, apps, messages
  • No-app to install on the mobile phone


  • If Mobile is Turned off then it will not be able to track the phone by IMEI.
  • If Mobile’s Location is Turned off then it will not able to find the phone.

Steps To Track Lost Mobile With IMEI Number

  • First Download the Total Mobile Security – Total Mobile Security
  • After Downloading the Software install it on Windows PC
  • You Don’t have to install app on your Android Phone
  • Now Open the Tool
  • And Activate your 3 Months Trial by going to help>Activate Trial 3 Months
    track lost mobile with imei
  • Now Enter Your Mobile number or IMEI number and click on Connect

    track lost mobile with phone

  • When you click on connect then it will be connected to your device
  • After it connected to Mobile, You will see three Tab – Location, Recovery and Permanently disable.

Location- When you click on location tab you will see the exact location of Mobile if GPS is ON.

Recovery- Recovery option provides you to recover Contacts, Messages, Images and other data. And You can also delete these data.

Permanently Disable- This option can permanently disable your phone.


So That’s it on How To Track Lost Mobile With IMEI number. I hope you like this post and if you really like this post then please share this post with your friends. And if you have any question related regarding tracking lost Mobile then comment below.