Hey, Guys You all curious to know Who views your Facebook Profile. There are many free android apps and ways on the internet which says that anyone can find who views their Facebook profile, But many of them are fake and scam.The most of the apps who claims that users can find who visited their Facebook profile are designed to steal your personal information. Sadly, There is no official way to know who views my Facebook Profile.

That’s the reason these apps are famous because there is no official way to know who had viewing your facebook profile. But Don’t worry Here I will tell you how you can know who visited your facebook profile.If you are ready to know then let’s start How to see who views your facebook profile.

How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile?

You are here to know your Facebook profile visitor. Before Starting this let me tell you first Facebook does not provide us to know FB profile visitor.Here I will tell you genuine way to know who is looking at your facebook profile. Always remember Don’t use any third party application or any web apps to view your profile visitor because they only stole your personal information.

Tricks to Know who viewed Your Facebook Profile?

In this section, i will tell you a genuine and real method to know who viewed your facebook profile.You only need to follow all steps carefully. Finding Your FB Profile visitor is not so tough. You Just need to follow below methods to know your FB profile viewer.

Method- 1: Using Google Chrome Extension

By Using Facebook Profile View Notification google chrome extension you can really see your profile visitor. It is the simplest way to know who is looking at your facebook profile.Follow steps to know how you can know your profile visitor.

  • First You need to download Facebook Profile View Notification.
  • After opening above link you will see a webpage like an image is given below. You need to click on the button “ADD TO CHROME”. After that, you need to wait for some time to complete download and installation of the extension.
  • You will get notification of successful installation of the extension.
  • Now Open Facebook. Now You will see Visitor Tab in Blue Bar.
  • That’s it Just open Visitor link and you will see the list of who viewed your facebook profile.

    Whenever you want to know Your FB Profile Visitor Just open Facebook and click on Visitor tab and get the list of who looked your facebook profile.

Method-2: Using the Browser to check who visited your FB profile

In this method, you don’t need to download or install any extension. You only need a browser to know who visited your facebook profile. So Follow steps to know who looks at your FB profile.

  • Open Facebook then go to your profile.
  • Right click on browser and click “View Page Source” or press Ctrl+U.
  • Now press Ctrl+F and you will get search box then search for ” InitialChatFriendsList”.

  • You can see in the image, you will see many numbers after InitialChatFriendsList . Those are the profile ID’s of people who recently visited your Facebook profile.
  • To see whose ID’s are those you just need to add the Number after Facebook.com/Numbers.
  • That’s it You will get your FB profile visitor.