Ranking Videos on Top is not an Easy Task. But If you will follow these Advance YouTube SEO Tips then you will Youtube SEO Tipsdefinitely Rank on Top. Some of Top YouTubers use these Advance Youtube SEO Tools to rank on top.

So In this post, I am going to tell you about that YouTube SEO Tools and Tips that help you to Rank on Top.You already know that YouTube is the one of the world’s biggest search engine. Nowadays if anyone wants to learn something then they watch videos on YouTube instead of reading articles on the blog.
This pulls creator to make videos together with the article. And this result in more competition on YouTube.

That’s why here I come with some YouTube SEO Tips by which you can Rank out your Competitor And rank your videos on top on YouTube.

YouTube Seo Tips 2018: What have You to consider for YouTube Seo Optimization?

Basically, there are many things consider for YouTube SEO Optimization. but I will tell Some of the main factors who affect the ranking of a video on YouTube and they are:

Video Title: One of Most Important Topic of YouTube SEO Tips

You should always choose a Unique and attractive Video Title and should be at least 5-words Long. And add your keyword in Title without doing keyword-stuffing.

Let’s understand by taking an example – YouTube Seo Tips: Plans That gets results in this title, the title length is 7 words and YouTube Seo Tips is my targeted keyword which is only 3 words long. And I have not try to add more keywords because if I will do then it will be keyword-stuffing that will harm the ranking of Video.

Try to add your keyword at beginning of Video Title. This will Just give a slight Boost to Your Video SEO.

We have successfully optimized our Video Title now its time to write the description of Video.

Video Description

Video Description is very important.

Because YouTube relies on your description to determine your video’s content. So Always add proper Description to Your Video.

Follow this guideline for Description:

  • If you have written an article on that topic then Put your link at the very top of the video Description
  • Try to add your keyword in First 25 words
  • Try to make Description at least 250 words
  • And Include Your Keyword 3-4 times and not more than 4

YouTube Seo Tips 2018

Don’t add more keywords because it will look spammy. Because Video Description helps Google and YouTube to understand what your video is about? If it will not understandable and look spammy then YouTube will not rank it.

Look Spammy by this, I mean don’t add too much keyword always 2-3 keyword and maximum 4 Keywords in Description if you will add too many keywords then it will be keyword stuffing.

Now We Learn How to write well-optimized SEO Description and now its turn to understand about Video Tags and how to optimize it.

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Video Tags

Video Tags are not really important as Video Title and Video Description. But YouTube Still asks about then it’s not bad to use Video Tags.

Video tags do not only help you to rank for a keyword but its also help to show your video in the related video.


Don’t put too many tags. Always put 4-5 tags in the video.

We learn to boost SEO Of video by optimizing Video Title, Description and Tags. But that is not enough to make your video to rank at the top.

Because Most of the Creators do this. We have to do some more optimization that will totally rank out the competitor and rank your Video at Top.

And that is Saying Your Keyword in Video.

Say Your Keyword in Video

YouTube does not understand perfectly what you say in your video. But Believe me they correctly understand 90% of the words in a given video.

And When YouTube hear you say your keyword in your video, it helps them to know that your video is about that keyword.

That’s why You make sure to say your keyword once or twice per video.

You can also upload a transcript to make YouTube gets every word right.

What To Do after optimizing YouTube SEO?

After perfectly optimizing Your Video by above YouTube SEO Tips, Share Your Video Link to all your social networks and also share it on sites like Quora and Reddit. Also, Post your videos link to Forums and Embed Videos in your Blog post.

YouTube SEO Tips 2018